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25 Years Wild&Wicked! A full show for you - planned donation campaign 2019


Alright posse, how are you???!!!

Sorry guys for writing in english but I can not speak russian, yet, I come from Germany. For russian I have to use a translator and I don't want to ask that of no one. But as a big big Scooter fan I know that they are also very popular in Russia so I am very glad that I found this forum.
If you didn't see it yet, I also have something for you, immediately. It is dedicaded to all people who accompanies Scooter through their anniversary.
This is my contribution for 25 Years Wild&Wicked. So now, check it out and have fun!

And this is an own fan made anniversary trailer, made for welcome Etnik <3

If you like it show me with a thumb up, please and/or tell me in the comments :-D

Thank you and спасибо from Germany!

Tnx a lot for the vidz ;)

B3n, hey, cool videos. BTW, most of the people around here can speak English on some level, so feel free to post here.
I've also switched your basic forum language to English :)

 ;D ;D ;D

Some people know my anniversary video already. Today I apply to you with a request:
With the beginning of the development (end of February/beginning of March) I was just delighted to get the full show. The most but not nearly all of my project gone as planned so that was not assured... ;) Five months later I had to excise eight songs afterwards to show it, anyway.

Four months after release it might evolved into one of the most popular fan videos. I wouldn't have dreamt for that.
Now this is my request: I would like to try a donation campaign until next year at this time. All of the earnings will go to one or more worthy causes. But my channel isn't conform to the requirements to request monetization, yet. It is grown a little since my two videos but it is not nearly enough. For it I need 1000 subscribers, at least.
So if you have a Google account I ask you to subscribe my channel :) (By the way, then you get it if there is a new video and this is only a question of time ;))

Thank you very much for your support/Большое спасибо

Finally there are three questions:
Are you ready to rock? Are you ready to kick some ass?
Are you ready for the sound of Scoooooter???!!!


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