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Краткая биографическая справка:

Джей Фрог (наст. имя Юрген Фрош; 7 мая 1976, Людвигсхафен) — немецкий DJ и композитор. Получил известность в качестве участника группы Scooter, каковым он являлся с 2002 по 2006 год. С его участием в этом коллективе связана третья глава в творчестве. Ушёл из Scooter во второй половине 2006 года.

В юношестве Джей играл в рок группе и даже баловался наркотиками. Со временем, избавишись от вредных привычек и поменяв свои музыкальные вкусы в сторону электронной музыки, стал диджеем. За время своей сольной карьеры (до участие в группе Scooter), Джей активно занимался производством ремиксов и успел поработать со многими музыкантами, среди которых наиболее известны Talla 2XLC, Kosmonova, Masterboy, Legend B, Ratty, Scooter.

Jay Frog scoots into the UK: Part 1    Submitted 11-06-08 08:06.31 

Hi Jay thanks for taking time to give us this exclusive interview.

We have to confess that to a lot of people in the UK the name Jay Frog as a producer and DJ isn’t that well known despite having a career going back over 10 years. Having said that your mix of Gun has attracted a lot of attention and has been strongly supported by Agnelli & Nelson on their Deep Blue show and you are coming over in June to play at a fund raising event at Massive at Hidden.

Despite having produced some promo CDs for a London night before, this is the first time you’ll be playing as DJ in the UK. How does it feel to be reaching a market, that for a lot of German, indeed other European DJs unless they are a big name is still not in their reach?

First of all, thanks for the opportunity to have an interview with you guys. Its like playing in the UK, not many DJs or artists get the chance to express themselves on a credible site like HarderFaster from Germany. So it really feels like an honour to play in the UK, as I really like the habits of English people,

English people only?

No, no, I know Welsh and Scottish, I keep getting corrected on this. British!

I love the breakfast there. I had English as a primary lesson at school and a great teacher who had English or should I say British breakfast with us. I love baked beans!

We can send you a food parcel.

Why not?!

By the way I love Mr. Bean too, he’s so funny. British sense of humour is great. But breakfast and comedy apart I’ve always admired the charts there, very fast moving with a very wide range of different styles, whether you like or loathe what is in there. Dance music always has a great acceptance over there despite not being main chart material. I see it as a big chance for me too, as it’s a small dream coming true to play there as a DJ.

It’s often the case that the same old line ups can be rehashed week in week out. Why would you say UK promoters avoid non big name overseas DJs? In your eyes is it they are unadventurous? Unwilling to take a risk? Or just sheer costs involved, the extra expense leaves fresh non-UK talent out in the cold?

Well, this is my first time playing in the UK as a DJ but I think maybe it is the unadventurous thing you mentioned, the real big names from Germany like Paul van Dyk, Scot Project, DuMonde, or Cosmic Gate play in the UK, but maybe it’s due to the individual taste of the promoter. I

М-да, интересно было. :)

Джей жжот, вот диджей. который умеет сводить и делать это интересно и зажигательно. Не работает в одном стиле, а умеет их сочетать

хотелось бы еще и перевод почитать,есть спецы же у нас)


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