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Scooter - ремикс на один из треков группы Young Knives

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If any of you watched last week’s Nokia Green Room you would have seen Young Knives getting acquainted with German techno uber outfit Scooter.
Here, the band discussed a possible collaboration with the Hamburgian group, suggesting that the dance act’s lead singer HP should remix one of their tracks. And strangely enough HP has agreed and this bizarre partnership will take place – although no solid details have been confirmed as yet. For those of you who are not familiar with Scooter - you should check out some of their most popular tracks such as

п****ц   ........   сколько ремиксов сразу....я в шоке.

да и на рыцарей они не похожи. Хмыри одним словом. Меня эта новость не радует. Естественно эти хмыри хотят пропиарится за счёт группы.

Рыцарь = knight.

Всё равно как были хмырями так ими и остались :D


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